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100 Balloons, 100 Days

San San... you owe me big time...

This is the sequel to 200 Balloons, 200 Days.

100 Balloons, 100 Days

San San
Yoo Chun (TVXQ)
Jun Jin (Shinhwa)

I put my arms around San San, or Sannie, as I affectionately call her, and watched as the 100 balloons drifted past us. Months ago, this would not have been a scene I expected myself to ever witness. I never thought I’d be able to love someone like this, until I met Sannie.


“Hey Sierra,” I drawled as I saw her walk out of the studios, alone. I had been waiting for the chance to talk to her all week.

“What?” she said, not even bothering to look at me. Did she know who I was? I’m Park Yoo Chun and no girl has ever ignored me like she did. But that was exactly what intrigued me about her.

“Wanna have lunch with me?” I said as I gave her my winning smile.

“No,” she replied curtly as she started to walk away.

“What’s up with you?” I said as I grabbed her arm before she could leave.

“Let go,” she said quietly, but I can sense the anger simmering beneath her cool facade. This chick was way too hot.

“Not until you treat me like the human being I am. You’re always rude to me.”

“Since when were you upgraded to a human being?” she retorted. “I’m asking nicely now, let me go.”

I sighed and let her go. I watched appreciatively as she walked away. She was a feisty one. A little too feisty for me to handle, for now. At that moment, I swore that I would bring her to her knees. I want her to beg me to take her and I’m going to discard her like the object she is. She’s nothing but an object to me.

A month later, I found out that she was dating Jun Jin, the school’s Ice Prince. How did she manage to melt his heart was beyond me. Furthermore, it was reputed that he preferred feminine girls. Sierra was definitely not feminine. From her layered hair dyed with red streaks, to the tight dance outfits she wore; she didn’t look like the kind of girl Jun Jin usually dated.

“Yoo Chun oppa!” a squeal broke into my thoughts. I cringed as I realized who it was; the airhead, San San.

“Hey Sannie,” I smiled as I turned around to face her. I called her Sannie, since San San sounded tedious. People wonder, if I’m so annoyed with her, why I even bothered to be nice to her. Well… for one, she’s a very willing girl; she loves running my errands and stroking my ego. Second, she’s Sierra’s friend and she tells me everything about Sierra, willingly. Sierra was like her idol. I didn’t even have to ask her about Sierra. She talked excessively about Sierra.

“Oppa, you didn’t show up yesterday,” she pouted. “Where were you?”

“Show up where?” I said absently.

“Oppa!” she gasped. “How could you have forgotten? You promised to meet me at the club yesterday.”

I did, and I forgot.

“Mian, Sannie. I’ll make it up to you, okay?” I smiled.

“You’d better,” she smiled sweetly as she linked her arms with mine. “Let’s go eat,” she said as she dragged me away.

[San San’s POV]

I was disappointed that Yoo Chun oppa didn’t even remember our date. But I smiled anyway. If I wanted to win him over, I must always give him a reason to be happy with me and I must not give into my emotions, or he might get annoyed. I was all alone at the club last night and I got harassed by some lechers while waiting for Yoo Chun oppa.

“Hey pretty girl,” one of them said as he walked past and whistled appreciatively. I’d worn one of my sexier outfits in hopes of getting Yoo Chun oppa’s attention. Bad idea.

“Wanna have a drink with us?” the other said.

“No,” I replied and tried to walk away. One of them caught my arm and pulled me back.

“Come now, pretty girl. A little drink won’t hurt,” he said.

“My oppa will be here soon,” I said. “Let me go.”

“Your oppa? I’m sure he won’t mind. Stay with us until he comes.”

Just then, the bartender interfered and I was able to get away from them. My heart was beating like crazy as I walked out of the club. I’d waited for 3 hours for Yoo Chun oppa, and he never showed up. I cried on the bus, all the way home. Why was it so difficult to love someone? Why won’t he even pay attention to me?

We were at the school cafeteria and I watched Yoo Chun oppa as he ate his ramen. He wasn’t the best looking guy on the entire campus. Some people had also commented that he had bad complexion. But to me, he had a charm. Not just to me, to many other girls. I’ve seen girls throwing themselves at Yoo Chun oppa and there were times when I wanted to fight them off and scream that he was mine. But he wasn’t. He gave me his precious time out of his busy schedule, but he’d never told me what we were officially dating.

[Yoo Chun’s POV]

I was with Sannie when she received a call from Sierra.

“Onni, what’s wrong?” she said. “Please don’t cry, Tell me what’s wrong. I can’t hear if you’re crying… uh huh… omigod… alright. I’ll be there.”

Sierra? Crying? This was very unlike her. Sannie’s face was pale as she hung up the phone.

“What’s up?” I asked her.

“Jun Jin oppa…” she said. ‘What about him again?’ I thought as I rolled my eyes.

“Yea… what happened?”

“Jun Jin oppa was hit by a truck.”

The Ice Prince was hit by a truck? This is big news.

“Is he dead?” I asked her.

“No, he’s in a coma.”

Perfect. Now Sierra would be vulnerable, and I’d have my chance at last.

“Let’s go visit him,” I said.

“I thought you didn’t like Jun Jin oppa,” Sannie eyed me.

“Yea, but he got hit by a truck and he’s a schoolmate. It’s only right.”

“Okay,” she said. “Let’s go.”

As we walked into Jun Jin’s ward, I could hear crying. To be precise, it was Sierra crying.

“Don’t cry dear,” Jun Jin’s mother said as she patted Sierra on the back.

“It’s all my stupid fault. I shouldn’t have made that joke about the 200 balloons,” she sobbed.

“200 balloons?” I said as I turned to Sannie.

“It’s their romantic ritual. On their 100th anniversary, Jun Jin oppa tied 100 balloons to his bike and rode to school with them. Then they went to the field nearby to release them.”

“How dumb,” I remarked. I’d seen them with those balloons. It was the day I caught the two of them making out outside the school gates. Turned out the Ice Prince was a romantic. How sickening.

“It’s not dumb, just dangerous. Jun Jin oppa was trying to bring 200 balloons this time. Today’s their 200th day anniversary, you see, and he got hit by a truck on his way to meet onni.”

It’s obvious this guy was a fool. Why would he do that for a girl? Endanger his life for a girl. Was she even worth it? I looked at Sierra now and I realized that she was a wreck. So what if I had her now, she wouldn’t be able to hold my attention if she was going to be like that all the time.

“I’m leaving,” I told Sannie. All my waiting had come up to nothing. And now that I’ve lost interest in Sierra, Sannie was useless to me.

“Wait for me,” Sannie whined.

“You can stay here, I’m leaving,” I said curtly. I’ve lost all patience for her. I didn’t feel the need to be a little nice to her at all.

“Oppa, why are you acting like this?” she said. I guess I should just tell her the truth and get rid of her once and for all.

“You know, Sannie. The only reason I’ve put up with you was because I was into Sierra. I was only using you to know more about Sierra. But now that I don’t want Sierra anymore, I don’t need you. So please get the hell out of my face,” I ended with a smirk.

[San San’s POV]

I was stunned when Yoo Chun oppa said all that. All this while he was using me to get to onni? I’d suspected that he had an ulterior motive for being nice to me. But I’d never thought it would be because he liked onni. Tears started to fill my eyes as I realized that I’ve been used. Fine, I knew he was using me all along, but if it was for something like this, I couldn’t accept it. As I collapsed to the floor, sobbing, Yoo Chun oppa walked away without a second glance.

I walked into the ward about an hour later. I’d cried my eyes out and then waited for awhile before going to rinse my face so that Sierra onni didn’t notice that I’d been crying. She was sitting in the chair beside Jun Jin oppa’s bed. She looked pale and exhausted as she held his hand.

Jun Jin oppa wasn’t really injured apart from a few scratches on his hands and face. The reason he was in a coma was because he’d his head as he was knocked off his bike. It pained me to see onni like this. She was always cheerful and bubbly around Jun Jin oppa, who had a reputation of being quiet and cold. Everyone said that she’d melted the Ice Prince’s heart from the day they started dating. I put my hand on onni’s shoulder and she looked up at me and smiled bravely.

“He’s just resting,” she said.

“Yes,” I nodded. “He’s just resting.”

I really prayed that he was just resting. If he never wakes up, Sierra onni may never be the person she was again.

It’s been a month since Jun Jin oppa woke up. Initially, he’d forgotten who Sierra onni was, and she’d told me that she’d wanted to kill herself when he said he’d forgotten her. Thankfully, he decided to try to remember her and rekindle their relationship. His amnesia turned out to be temporary, and they’re back together now, stronger than ever. I was happy for onni.

I smiled as I continued walking. I’d just got off work and was on my way home. Suddenly, I heard a muffled sound coming from some garbage bags nearby. Usually, I’d run the other way when I heard such sounds, but somehow that night, I was curious, and I went to take a peek. I gasped in horror as I realized where the sound had come from. It was Yoo Chun oppa, lying on the ground in the alley. He had a gash on his forehead and there was blood on his face and his shirt.

“Oppa,” I shouted as I rushed to his side. “Oppa, what happened?”

“Hey Sannie,” he said as he smiled weakly.

“Oppa,” I said as tears came to my eyes. Who did this to him?

“Leave me here, Sannie. I don’t deserve your pity,” he said as he coughed.

“Oppa, you’re bleeding. I’m taking you home with me,” I said as I tried to support him up into a sitting position.

He fell back to the ground, bringing me down with him and I was sprawled across his chest. I started crying. I was so frustrated. Why won’t he let me help him? Why was I so weak? Even though he’d hurt me, I still cared for him. I still wanted him to live.

“Oppa,” I cried. “Please help me,” I said. “Help me so that I can help you.”

Then, I realized that he was unconscious. I stood up and ran out to the alley, screaming for help. About an hour later an ambulance came to take Yoo Chun oppa to the hospital.

[Yoo Chun’s POV]

Sannie… my dreams were filled with her images. Sannie smiling, Sannie crying, Sannie calling out to me. My head hurt, my face hurt, my entire body hurt. What was wrong with me? I opened my eyes to find myself in a room. I looked around slowly and realized that I was in a ward. I could feel someone’s gentle breathing beside me. I turned to see who it was; it was Sannie, sleeping with her head resting on the side of the bed I lay on. I reached out my hand slowly to stroke her hair. Sannie… I don’t deserve you. I moved my hand away and closed my eyes. Could I really have her back?

I woke up hours later, and it was day time. I yawned as I turned to look at Sannie and she was gone. Where did she go?

“You’re awake,” she said and I turned to see where her voice came from. She was standing by the window, looking out. She turned to look at me. The sight of her face, her silhouette in the sunlight, it took my breath away. I was a fool to have let her go.

“Yes,” I replied as I tried to sit up.

“Careful,” she said as she rushed to my side and helped me up.

“Thanks,” I said after we’d completed the task of sitting me up.

“Do you want some water?” she asked me, and I nodded.

She handed me a glass of water with a straw and I sipped it slowly. When I was done, she put the glass back on the side table and sat down on the chair beside the bed, facing me.

“What happened last night?” she asked me. I cringed. Did I really have to answer?

“I got into a little scuffle, that’s all,” I said.

“A little scuffle?” she exclaimed. “You could’ve died of excessive bleeding!”

“Shhh!!!” I said. “Pipe down. You don’t want the nurse thinking that I’m molesting you or something.”

“You’re in no condition to molest me,” she replied.

“Wanna bet?” I said as I wiggled my eyebrows at her.

“Be serious,” she said as she glared at me. I sighed. Maybe I should tell her everything. How I’ve made a mistake, and what a jerk I was. Maybe she’ll forgive me. Even if she doesn’t, I’ll have nothing more to lose. I’ve already lost everything when I gave Sannie up anyway.

“I got drunk,” I admitted.


“Because I missed you,” I said.

“Liar,” she replied.

“It’s the truth,” I said earnestly. “I got beaten up because I didn’t bring my wallet with me and when I was asked to pay, I picked a fight with the bartender and some people at the bar.”

“Why do you always have to get yourself into such situations,” she sighed.

“I really missed you, Sannie,” I said and I hoped that it was getting through to her.

“Why would you miss someone you didn’t like in the first place?”

“At first, I thought I didn’t need you. After I left you, I realized that I’d been so used to having you around and then it hit me.”

“What hit you?”

“I realized that I loved you. I can’t live without you.”

“Then why didn’t you come back for me sooner?”

“I thought that since I was such a jerk to you, I’d lost you forever.”

“I’d have forgiven you if you were honest,” she replied.

“Then would you forgive me now?” I asked her.

“I don't know,” she said.

“Please give me another chance, Sannie,” I pleaded. “I’ll make it up to you this time, for real.”

“You won’t treat me like you used to?” she asked.

“I won’t,” I said and looked at her pleadingly.

“I’ll think about it,” she smiled.


[Sannie’s POV]

Today’s our 100th day anniversary; Yoo Chun oppa’s and mine. He’d called me earlier and said that he had a surprise. I was so excited.

“Bye onni!” I hollered at Sierra onni as I ran out from the studio after class.

“Bye!” she laughed. “Walk slowly. Don’t run!” she called after me.

As I reached the gates, I saw Yoo Chun oppa and tears came to my eyes when I saw what he’d done. He’d tied 100 pink balloons to his car.

“Oppa!” I squealed as I ran up and hugged him.

“You like them?” he asked.

“Yes!” I smiled and I kissed him.

“Let’s go,” he said breathlessly as he pulled away from my lips.

We drove to the nearby field and brought the balloons to the middle of the field. On our way there, one balloon got away. I laughed as Yoo Chun oppa tried to chase it down, but it drifted too high up, so he gave up and walked back to me with the other balloons in his hands.

“Saranghae,” Yoo Chun oppa said as he kissed me again, and when he did, we released the 100 balloons from our grasp. We looked up awhile later, to see the balloons drifting slowly away. He put his arms around me as we watched.

Even though he’d hurt badly me back then, I forgave him. I knew that somehow, he really did love me and that we were meant to be together. These past 100 days, he’d proven to me that he was a changed man and if you gave me a chance to turn back the time, I would not have had it anyway different. What had happened back then has made our love stronger and more meaningful. It was now to me, the love of a lifetime.

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