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Ice Box ~ Part One

This is the first time I'm writing a short story featuring Yun Ho ^_^ Dunno what took me so long, since I love him almost as much as I love Jae... He's actually my first love :) This fiction is inspired by the idea of an MV which will be featured in MKR in the coming chapters, so remember to look out for it on MKR...

Btw, this will be a 2 shot... here's part 1....

Yun Ho (TVXQ)
Jin Yi
Jung Su aka Ee Teuk (Super Junior)

There is an ice box where your heart used to be... you're so cold. If only you could learn to love again... if only you would love me like you once loved her... just once... that's all I ask of you...

Ice Box ~ Part One

They stood face to face, guns held out, ready to pull the trigger.

“You’re really gonna kill me, aren’t you?” he asked her.

“That was my assignment, and I will finish it tonight,” she replied coolly.

“After all these months, you don’t feel anything for me? We can turn back. You don’t have to do this. No one has to get hurt,” he tried to reason with her.

“Cut the crap, Yun Ho,” she bit out. “It’s either you or me. Let’s end this.”

He sighed in frustration. This was it, kill or be killed. Even with the emotional battle raging in his head, he had his eye on her, on her gun, waiting for her move. It was what he’d been trained for, and he did it automatically, after years of experience in the field.

“Hana!” she shouted, starting the count to the moment of truth.

“Dul,” he said, quietly.

“Set,” she ended, and they both pulled the trigger.

He’d wanted to close his eyes when the gunshots rang, but he’d never been one to do that since his job required him to keep his eyes open at all times. Even when faced with killing someone he cared for, he couldn’t get himself to do it. He watched as the bullet hit her squarely in the chest, and she fell back. She’d missed him. It was bizarre how everything happened in a split second, but it looked like it was playing in slow motion in front of him.

“Jin Yi!” he shouted, at the realization of what had just happened, and he ran towards her.

For once, he let his emotions overcome him. He dropped his gun and picked her up in his arms.

“Good shot,” she said weakly, as she smiled at him.

“Jin Yi,” his voice quavered. “Why did it have to be you?”

“It’s just fate,” she coughed, blood dripping from her lips. “I happened to be assigned to get rid of you. End of story.”

“Did you ever love me?” he asked her plainly. “For all these months… tell me that you did love me.”

“I wish I did,” was her reply.

1 year later…

“How have you been?” Yun Ho said, as he placed the bouquet of flowers down, and he sat down on the grass and leaned against the tombstone. “How time flies…” he murmured to himself as he breathed in the fresh air, and looked around him.

It’s been a year since he killed Jin Yi. He had never imagined that she would be an assassin sent by Gyu Ok, the head of Akma, one of the most notorious gangs in Seoul. Her objective had been to get close to him, dig up secrets and eventually kill him. Yun Ho was the leader of the most successful op-team on the police force. Gyu Ok had sent Jin Yi to kill him because of his team’s success in cracking down on most of Gyu Ok’s gang’s illegal operations. The circumstances that they’d met in were so coincidental, that he never had a second thought that she had a hidden agenda to get close to him.

It was a night out with the guys on his team; they were at the noraebang, celebrating their success in their latest assignment. He was in the toilet, relieving himself, when the door burst open suddenly, and a girl walked in, swaying precariously on her high heels.

“Agasshi,” he protested, immediately zipping up his pants. “This is the men’s room.”

“Molla,” she mumbled as she knelt down at the nearest toilet and started to vomit.

He watched her retch into the toilet bowl; her long hair was all over the place as she tried unsuccessfully to get it out of the way as she vomited. He sighed and walked towards her. He squatted next to her and pulled her hair back, holding it up for her.

“Komawo,” she said when she was finally done.

She sat down on the floor and leant her back against the wall of the stall. He handed her a tissue after she’d rinsed her mouth and she wiped her lips hastily before digging through her bag for a cigarette.

“Want one,” she asked him, and he accepted a cigarette from her.

He flipped down the toilet seat and sat on it, while she continued to sit on the floor.

“Do you always barge into the men’s room like this?” he asked her as he exhaled and allowed the smoke to fill the stall.

“The waiter outside tipped me off. He told me there was a nice guy who’d hold my hair while I puked, so I came in here. None of those bitches next door would hold my hair up for me. They’d probably just spit on me,” she laughed.

He laughed at her response, and immediately felt a strong liking for her.

“So why did you have too much to drink?” he asked her, holding the cigarette lightly between his lips while he fished his pockets for his phone.

“Men troubles, why else,” she said as she puffed more smoke into the air. “Your girlfriend calling?” she asked as she watched him read the message on his phone.

“Nah. Just my buddies,” he replied.

“No girlfriend waiting for you at home?” she asked him.

“Nope. No girl ever wants to wait for me,” he said, and she could detect the cynicism in his voice.

“Can I go home with you?” she asked him.

He was a little taken aback at her request, even though this wasn’t the first time any girl had asked him that. He looked her up and down and only now did he realize… she wasn’t trashy at all. She was dressed in a nice office suit, she carried an expensive bag and she wore some really nice shoes. He knew how much they’d cost, because they looked like the brands he’d seen on the wives of father’s business associates. He’d been born to a rich family, but decided to join the police force. His father had been against it as first, but as he gained more and more success, his father had relented and was actually starting to be proud of him.

“Sure,” he replied, and he stood up.

“Help me up?” she said, and she held her hand out to him.

He pulled her up into his arms effortlessly, and because he’d underestimated how heavy she actually was, the force of his action caused her to slam against him, pushing him against the wall of the stall. She giggled when she saw his expression, his shock at the impact of his body colliding onto the wall, and her body colliding onto his.

“Pabo,” she said softly, and she stood on her toes so that their lips met.

She kissed him lightly, and only for a second, but that mere second helped him decide that he wanted her tonight. It’s been a long time since he’d been with a woman, and here was one who was asking for it. He pulled her close and kissed her back, and was pleased when she returned his kiss.

They stumbled into his apartment that night, kissing fervently and stripping each other anxiously. The drive back to the apartment had been crazy. All the way back to the apartment, she had her hand on his thigh, and she was doing things that made him feel things he’d not felt in a long time.

The next morning, she woke up slowly, and turned to look at the man who lay beside her. His photo did not do him justice. He was even hotter in person. Last night had been better than she expected. She had thought that she would probably have to spend months in the company of a lousy lover, while plotting to kill him. But he turned out to be great and the next few months are probably going to be fun for her.

“Annyeong,” he smiled as he woke up, and stretched lazily beside her.

She moved nearer to him and slowly climbed on top of him, then she leant down until her lips were at his ears.

“Round two,” she whispered seductively, and nipped his earlobe lightly.

More than 6 months later, they stood face to face, at gun point. He hadn’t believed it when the reports came in. The mole who’d been causing the operations of his teams to be detected by Akma was actually Jin Yi. His fears were confirmed when she showed up at the location of their crackdown on Akma that night.

“How did you know I was here?” he asked her.

She’d showed up as his team chased down some members of the gang.

“Who else knows better, but me,” she smiled as she pulled out her gun.

He still couldn’t believe that he’d killed someone he loved. Did he love her? He did... and what hurt him most was that she didn’t love him. For the first time in his life, he opened up to someone and she burnt him. His job had made him wary of all those who got close to him, and when he let down his guard for once, he was severely disappointed.

“I hope you’re happy,” he said as he ran a finger down the photo on her tombstone. “What a mess you’ve made of me now.”

He stood up slowly and dusted off his suit, and walked leisurely away from her tomb, onto the stairway up the hill where his car was parked. He looked up and the sun blinded his eye for a moment. He blinked, and when he opened his eyes again, there she was.

“Jin Yi?” the name escaped his lips.

She was walking down the same stair he was on. She wore a white sundress, and she was holding a bouquet of lilies.

“Jin Yi,” he said, and he grabbed her arm as she walked past.

She turned and looked at him, obviously startled.

“Ajeosshi… please let go of me,” she said.

He continued to stare at her, not releasing his grasp.

Ajeosshi? She called me ajeosshi? But she looks exactly like Jin Yi. She must be Jin Yi!


natalie said...

wah yunho as a policeman!bet he'd look super hot in the uniform..*faints*

ting said...

unni haha i love your fics ^^ haha yunho...can think how he looks like when he hold the gun...ah~~~anyway looking forward to the next chapter ^^

stephie said...

haha. liked how they met in the men's toilet! u made me fall in love with yunho evenmore when i'm imagining him here. haha. cant wait for the next part!

~*EcHanTsY*~ said...

ppali ppali i can't wait for the next part!!

good good, except for the fact that they were making out and she didnt wash her mouth after vomitting... poor yunho is gonna be tasting vomit.

the beginnning reminded me of mr. and mrs smith. :)

tofuuu said...

yunho the policeman. hot xD
nice story ^___^ i'll be reading the next part =D

Sierra said...

She did rinse her mouth, Felicia... read it again... ^_^

Stephie... I'm falling in love with him too... hahaha!!!

Thanks for reading... y'all ^_^

wanyuan said...

omg.. yunho oppa...
hmm.. sierra .. dont make me fall in love with him....
hot.. hot.. where can i find such a hot policeman???
i will definitely read da next chap...
good job sierra..
update soon..

Elaine said...

hey the part he kisses jin yi after she vomited is kind of gross la!

That aside, it was short and sweet. Liked how you string the readers along by bringing suspense to the ending. (Just like all the tv dramas do ;))

Part 2 puh-leaseee!!!

leeteuk_x3 said...

can't wait to see what Jung Su does in this story ^^

jiayoong. said...

Yah is this another Mr and mrs Smith story?!

...a twin?

Sierra said...

No it ain't... just cos a couple wants to kill each other doesn't make them the same as Mr & Mrs Smith :P Haha!

A twin? Would I be so cliche??? Hehe!

anna said...

haha fine im commenting.
i actually liked it.
exciting from the start down to the end with a cliffhanger.

wintergal // lainez said...

Yunho sounds so hot in here!! XD <333
So sad that Jin Yi didn't love him back even tho she was assigned to kill him. T__T Who dares to kill Yunho ar? =P

And that kiss... awesome! XD haha.

my one-shot leh? =P

awaiting for part 2!