Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Night on T.O.P

This fiction would be rated R for the slightly steamy scenes that are going to happen. But I guess if you can handle it... read on! ^_^

Starring T.O.P of Big Bang


It was a cool night in March. I’d taken the week off to travel to Seoul to meet with a friend. I’d planned this trip for almost a year, and finally I’m here.

“Let’s go to this club tonight,” my friend Sara suggested.

Sara’s the ideal Korean girl; long hair, innocent smile, slim figure, legs that went on for miles. It was odd how she always thinks I’m better looking. I was shorter than Sara, which made me look a little rounder even if we had the same body type, my hair was short, and I don’t smile that much.

“Oh right! That club you mentioned when we last chatted online.”

“Yea… you wanted to do some celebrity spotting; this is the place,” she laughed.

“Alright, I’m game!” I said. “Who else is coming?”

“I’ll call a few more girlfriends and maybe a guy or two,” she smiled.

She got 5 friends to go with us; 3 girls and 2 guys. Around 10pm, we made our way to the club.

Sara was dressed in a really cute blue dress with leggings and a pair of funky boots. She accessorized with huge earrings that peeked out of her long, flowing hair. It’s definitely sexy to have long hair.

I’m a jeans girl. I painstakingly buttoned on my skinnies, put on a loose, asymmetrical black top, and a studded belt around my waist. I accessorized with silver and leather jewelry then wore a pair of boots that came up to my calves, and tucked my jeans in.

As we walked into the club, we were immediately assaulted by the loud beats of the hip hop music. I did a quick check in the mirrors along the corridor as we walked in to make sure my eyeliner and lipstick hadn’t run. One of Sara’s guy friends, Yu Jong, snagged us a table close to the dance floor. The other guy made himself useful by getting us a bucket of beer.

As promised, the place had not disappointed. I spotted a handful of celebrities hanging out at the VIP corners.

“Omigod!” I yelled into Sara’s ear over the loud music. “Is that Kim Dong Wan?”

“Yea,” she smiled.

“Let’s go dance?” Ji Min, one of Sara’s girlfriends motioned to us.

3 of us, Ji Min, Sara and I, shimmied towards the dance floor and started dancing. Midway through the song, we could hear a commotion coming from the entrance. We turned around and saw Dae Sung from Big Bang walking in.

“Sara!” I squealed excitedly. “It’s Big Bang!”

“Omo!” Sara squealed.

We were both huge Big Bang fans, and we were pretty excited to see them walking in. The rest of the band filed in after Dae Sung, and were shown to a VIP corner. They were all dressed up like they were about to shoot an MV, complete with eyeliner on G-Dragon and TOP.

“Omigod!” I squealed. “TOP is so hot!”

“Yes… I know!!!” Sara squealed back.

We were both TOP and G-Dragon fans, but in person, TOP just looked more like a man to us both.

“Do you think I could get their autograph?” I asked Sara.

“You wanna try?” she asked me.

“You’ll need to help me, in case they don’t understand my Korean,” I laughed.

“Okay,” she smiled.

We started walking towards the VIP corner where Big Bang was, and as we almost neared their table, their bodyguards blocked the way.

“This area is off-limits,” one of them said.

“Can we please just get their autograph?” I asked.

“No,” another replied.

“My friend here is from overseas. She just wants to get an autograph. Please help us,” Sara said.

One of the guards’ face lit up with interest when he heard that I was a foreigner.

“I’ll have to check with Big Bang’s manager,” he said. “Wait here.”

He turned and left us with the other guard while he informed the manager. As soon as he ended his explanation, the manager looked up at us and motioned for us to go over.

“That was easy,” I whispered to Sara.

“I guess they don’t get too many foreign fans wanting to meet them?” she giggled.

“Hi,” the manager said as we approached. “Where are you from?” he asked in English.

“I’m from Malaysia,” I replied.

“Oh… Malaysia,” he smiled. “Do you speak Korean?”

“Chogeum,” I replied in my half-decent Korean.

“You can get your autographs, and if they are okay with it, you can take pictures. But if they decline, please do not make a scene,” he instructed.

“Ne,” Sara and I nodded.

The manager brought us over and introduced us.

“Hey guys,” he said. “You have a fan from overseas here.”

All 5 of them turned and looked at us.

“Hi!” I smiled and waved.

“Hi!” G-Dragon immediately replied.

He sounded as high pitched in person as he did on TV and recordings. Most of all, he was really small. He was slimmer in person, proving that cameras really do make you put on a few pounds. I envied his body. He could get away with wearing anything.

“Where are you from?” Seung Ri asked.

“Malaysia,” I replied.

“Where’s that?” Tae Yang whispered to Seung Ri.

“It’s between Singapore and Thailand,” I described.

“Ooh…” all 5 of them chorused.

“Sit down,” G-Dragon said as he patted the empty seat beside his.

Sara and I sat down immediately.

“What about you?” they asked Sara.

“I’m local,” she smiled. “My friend here is a huge fan like me, and she really wanted to meet you before she left Seoul.”

“Lucky you,” G-Dragon smiled. “You bumped into us tonight.”

“Yea… lucky me,” I laughed.

“So who’s your favourite?” Dae Sung asked.

“G-Dragon… and TOP,” I smiled.

“Aww…” Seung Ri moaned and made a sad face.

“I like all of you,” I quickly added. “But I like watching G-Dragon and TOP more.”

“Seung Hyunnnie! Shouldn’t you greet your fan?” G-Dragon said.

It was then when I realized that TOP had been quiet since we approached the table. He’s quite shy in person, but he looked hot. The more I looked at him, the more I could see why Sara and I fell for him. He wasn’t really a looker, but he had an air of mystery and superiority around him.

“Hi,” he mumbled.

“Can we have your autographs?” Sara said, breaking the awkward moment.

“Sure,” the guys replied and accepted the little notebook we had brought with us, in case we were to bump into any celebrities.

“You want a photo with us?” Seung Ri suggested after they were done signing the book, without Sara and I asking.

“Yes please,” I smiled.

We sat in between the 5 of them, while their manager took the photo for us.

“Komapseumnida,” Sara and I bowed to them after we were done, and we started walking away.
We went back to our table and went berserk about it for a good 10 minutes with the other girls, then I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and came face to face with TOP. Well, not exactly face to face, since he towered above me at 180cm.

“Can we dance?” he asked, without looking at my face.

“Excuse me?” I asked, not believing what I’d just heard.

“I kinda lost a game with the guys, and the punishment was to dance with you,” he said.

“Really?” I asked.

“Can we just get this over with?” he said impatiently.

All the time we were talking, the others at my table we watching and listening intently. Even the next tables were scrutinizing us. I bet they wondered who I was and why TOP was talking to me.

“Go on,” Sara hissed at me.

“Okay,” I said.

He held out his hand, and I put mine in his. He had big hands. Then again, it could be me who has small hands. My hands were kinda small, compared to most girls of my size and height. No, I’m not overweight or anything. I’m just not small or painfully thin, and yet I had small hands and size 4 feet.

We moved towards the dance floor and all eyes were on us. TOP started dancing, moving slowly but confidently; leading and encouraging me to dance. I watched him for a few seconds to catch his beat, then I started dancing too. He looked a little surprised when he realized that I could sort of dance.

It’s now or never…

That’s what I was thinking when he took my hand. I would never get a chance to be this close to him ever, and after tonight, we would never see each other again. So I decided to be bold, and started dancing closer and closer to him. Instead of being shocked, TOP stood where he was, and allowed me to get closer. I put a hand on his chest and slowly moved around him, following the beat of the music. As I ended the circle around him, he grabbed me by that hand, and pulled me nearer so that our bodies were touching. All this time, we were looking at each other, face to face, our eyes locked on each other’s. He had such mesmerizing eyes.

As we grinded against each other, our faces came inches of each others’. I could hear the rest of Big Bang cheering him on, and people had started taking notice of us. Suddenly, he pulled me into a hug.

“Meet me out the back,” he whispered.

He let me go as quickly as he had pulled me into his arms, and bowed, to thank me for the dance. He walked away, leaving me a little dazed and confused, alone on the dance floor.

“Are you okay?” Sara came up to me and dragged me back to the table.

“I’m okay,” I mumbled.

“Omigod!” Ji Min exclaimed. “You danced with TOP!”

“Yea!” Sara exclaimed. “How did it feel?”

“It was nice,” I smiled. “I need to go to the toilet.”

“You were that nervous?” Yu Jong laughed.

“Do you need me to accompany you?” Sara asked.

“Nah. I’m fine. Stay here,” I said, and I started walking away from our table, towards the backdoor of the club.

I walked through the entrance and closed the door, and I saw TOP standing there, leaning against the wall. I could here the music thumping loudly through the door, but most of all, I could hear my heart thumping.

“Erm… why did you want to see me?” I asked him.

“Come with me,” he said and led me towards a flight of stairs.

We walked up the quiet and dark stairs until we reached a landing. The landing was dimly lit by a small window where the street light shone through.

“You’re pretty brave,” he said, “coming out here with a stranger.”

“Huh?” I said, stupidly.

“I could have you raped and killed and no one would know,” he said.

At times like this, one should really feel alarmed, but I was too engrossed with the fact that this was TOP of Big Bang standing in front of me.


“Don’t worry,” he said. “That wasn’t why I asked you out here,” he smiled.

“Then… Why…”

“Just wanted to have a chat with you. It’s too noisy inside and there are too many watchful eyes.”

“I see…”

“Sit down,” he said, and he motioned towards the next flight of steps behind us.

He sat down, dusted the spot beside him, and pulled me down to sit next to him.

“Do you like it in Seoul?” he asked me.

“It’s great,” I said.

“You’re leaving soon?” he asked.

“Yea… in 2 days.”

“Pity,” he said.


“Then we won’t have another chance to meet.”

“Yea… too bad,” I said.

His voice was so darned deep and sexy. It was as if I had him rapping to me at that moment. I could feel my body melting and gravitating towards him when he spoke in that husky tone.

“How old are you?” he asked.

“25,” I replied.

“Wow…” he said. “You don’t look 25.”

“You thought I was your age?” I asked.

“Not really,” he laughed softly. “I thought perhaps you were a year or two older. Not 3 to 4 years older.”

“I get that a lot,” I smiled.

I could see his face in the dim light. When he smiled, he looked a little endearing in this setting. Most of the time, I only imagined him as the cold but sexy guy in all those music videos.

“So have you done everything you wanted to do in Seoul? Seen all the places you wanted to see?” he asked.

“Almost,” I said.

“What else is on your list?”

“Hmm…” I thought for awhile. “A summer fling?” I laughed.

Note: The alcohol is making me brave. I’m not always this casual with strangers.

“Really?” he asked.

“Haha…” I laughed, and he laughed.

It was the kind of laugh where it just sounded like he was sneezing.

“You’re drunk, aren’t you?” he asked me; a look of amusement on his face.

I heard the door slam at that moment, and practically jumped into his arms in fright. He was quick too, and wrapped both arms around me as we sat there, trying to remain silent and motionless. We peeked and saw that it was someone walking out to answer his phone.

We watched the guy walked out to the street, and after that, we just stayed in each other’s arms.

“Found your fling?” he whispered in my ear after a few minutes.

It felt like his voice was caressing my soul.

“I think so…” I whispered back as I tilted my head up to face him.

You’d think we were filming an MV, but it really happened just like that. As soon as our lips were within centimeters of each others’, he leaned down, and kissed me.

It was like a buzz of electricity rushing from my spine, up my head and down to my toes. He pulled away for a moment, and looked at me questioningly. I moved to kiss him lightly on the lips, and we started kissing really passionately this time.

He ran his hands up and down my back as he held me tightly against his chest. As the kiss continued, he leaned back and pulled me on top of him. My legs straddled his waist and my knees were resting on the steps. I could hear the both of us breathing raggedly as we continued kissing. I slipped my hands under his jacket and ran them, slowly, down his chest as we kissed. His body was lean and muscular as I had expected. At some point, he grabbed both my wrists to stop me, so I decided to wrap my arms around his waist instead.

Towards the end, we were slowly cooling off and we were teasing each other, kissing, pulling back a little, kissing again, and pulling back, until finally he couldn’t take it, and pulled me down so that I couldn’t pull away from him.

“Seung Hyun-ah!” we heard someone call out all of a sudden, and we stopped.

We’d been so engrossed that we didn’t hear the door this time. We held very still; I was still on top of him, and we were both panting softly.

“Seung Hyun-ah,” the voice called out again. “We’re leaving soon. Come in once you’re done.”

We heard footsteps fading, the blare of the music as the door opened, and muffled thumping once again, when the door closed.

“You do this often,” I asked him.

“Not really,” he replied.

“Doesn’t look like it,” I smiled.

“It’s your choice to believe or not,” he replied.

“Would you prefer it if I believed you?” I asked.

“It’s your choice,” he shrugged, and helped me up onto my feet.

“Thanks,” I said, as we both stood up and dusted our pants.

“For what?” he asked as he walked towards the edge of the landing.

“For the fling,” I smiled.

“My pleasure,” he smiled back. “I need to go now.”

“Okay…” I said.

He took a step back, and I reached out to grab his sleeve.


“Yes?” he said, as he turned to face me.

“Can I have one more?” I smiled. “Majimak insa,” I attempted to joke.

He laughed softly, and then pulled me into his arms.

“Last one,” he said, and I could feel him giving his all into this kiss.

I held him as tightly as I could as we shared that last kiss. At the end of the kiss, his lips lingered against me, as if he too didn’t want to let go.

“Bye,” I whispered.

“Bye,” he whispered back, and released me.

I watched from the top of the stairs as he jogged down, and straightened his jacket as he approached the door. He turned back for a moment when he got to the door, and looked towards the dark landing where I still stood. He put his index and middle finger to his lips, kissed it and pointed towards me, then he went inside.

I stood there, awestruck by what had just happened to me. I was dazed for awhile, even after freshening up at the ladies before I went back to rejoin my group. Big Bang had left by the time I got to my table.

“Where were you?” Sara asked. “Big Bang left.”

“Really?” I said, innocently.

“They waved at us as they were leaving,” she said.

“Aww… I missed that?” I said, trying to sound disappointed.

“Well,” Sara smiled. “At least we got their photos and autographs.”

“Yea,” I smiled back. “Thanks for bringing me here tonight. It was a dream come true.”

“No problem,” she said. “As long as you had a good time.”

“I did,” I replied. “It was a TOP night,” I said, and the both of us laughed at my pun.

I never told Sara about my close encounter with TOP. I figured that if I told anyone, no one would believe me in the first place. Would you?


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