Friday, October 3, 2008

The Bump

It's time again... the 'once in a blue moon' post that I would write that would have nothing to do with K-Celebs... ^_^

I threatened my colleague... I told him that I'd write an embarassing piece about him, but this was what I came up with eventually...

The Bump

It was a spot; a single, solitary, bump on the otherwise relatively smooth surface. I could see it throbbing… the insides ready to explode out any moment. I maneuvered my hands carefully… careful not to touch it. Bursting it would be disastrous… all efforts wasted. Every so often, I’d skim across its surface gently, marveling how the taut, thin skin could hold in the contents. Another 10 minutes, I was done. Mission accomplished! I scooped it up, and put it into my mouth. I bit into it and let the heavenly juice flood my mouth. God… I love egg yolks ;)


Anonymous said...


시에라 (Sierra) said...

It wasn't crap... it was an egg yolk!!! ^_^