Sunday, January 4, 2009

On T.O.P Again

As requested, this is a follow up to A Night on T.O.P. I wrote this also because I've not been able to stop thinking about him since all those Gayo Daejeon performances for the past week. Especially that Hip Hop stage with G-D and Dynamic Duo... *drools*
Listen to We Belong Together, Strong Baby, then Haru Haru (Acoustic Version) while reading this.
I will have to warn you that this one is 10 times steamier than the last one. Proceed with caution Happy New Year!!!

Starring T.O.P of Big Bang


“Kamsahamnida,” I said to the check-in officer as she handed me my boarding pass and passport.

I picked up my handbag and slung it firmly on my shoulder before pulling up my trolley bag to leave the counter. I’m leaving Seoul for Malaysia today.

The past week had been a whirlwind. My friend, Sara, was a superb host and really took the time to show me around. If it wasn’t for her, my week in Seoul would not have been so memorable; especially after that night with TOP. But you know how they always say that lightning never strikes at the same place twice? Keojitmal… (Lies…)

I was browsing through the goodies at the Lotte Duty Free shops, when I was greeted by a familiar voice.

“Are you stalking me?” he said.

Do you know the feeling of having warm melted chocolate poured all over your body? I’ve never experienced it, but it sure felt like it.

“TOP-sshi,” I smiled.

“You haven’t answered my question,” he said as he took off his sunglasses.

He wasn’t wearing any eyeliner today.

“Why would you think that?” I asked him.

“Just because you don’t have makeup on today, doesn’t make it a disguise. You actually look the same with or without makeup,” he said.

“You mean I don’t look better with makeup?” I said, my hand consciously touching my face.

“I didn’t say that,” he said and leant casually on the rack I was browsing through. “You still look pretty good.”

This was where the whole situation got more interesting. As if it were part of a plot in a romance comedy, the rack he was leaning on gave way and everything fell to the floor. I covered my mouth to stifle my laughter, as he tried to fix the rack. The look of bewilderment on his face was priceless. Ironically, if I had captured it on video, I’ll be earning a lot from it.

After a few seconds, and before the staff arrived, he gave up, and instead grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the shop with him. We walked quickly, and he pulled his cap lower to hide his face as we walked quickly to a quieter area. I was taking a late flight, so the airport wasn’t as busy as usual.

Halfway there, he stopped and fumbled around the pockets of his jacket and jeans.

“My shades,” he groaned.

“Stay here,” I laughed, and walked back to the shop to find them.

When I got there, a staff was busy putting the shelf back up and replacing the items on it. Thank god I was looking at candy, not some breakable souvenirs.

“Chogiyo,” I said to the staff, “have you seen a pair of sunglasses?”

“You mean these?” he said gruffily, and held them up to me.

“Ye… komapseumnida,” I smiled brightly at him.

“No problem,” he smiled back.

I walked back to where I had left TOP and found him leaning against the wall in a secluded corner with my luggage.

“Ajeosshi…” I called out to him, holding out his shades as I approached him.

“Thanks,” he grinned as he intercepted it.

This is where I should swoon and sigh, because I know most girls would, but I’m too fixated on the fact that I’ve bumped into him for the 2nd time now. All I could do was watch him as he stood in front of me, putting on his shades and adjusting his cap.

“What?” he asked when he realized I was still standing there.

“Nothing,” I smiled. “I guess I’ll get going now,” and I reached for my luggage beside him.

“Chamkan,” he said, as he grabbed my hand to stop me.

I looked at him, and blinked. I was trying to maintain a neutral expression because I could feel my face turning red from his touch. I fought the urge to caress his hand as he kept it there while talking to me.

“Can we go somewhere?” he asked.

“Your flight?” I said.

“It’s not for another 3 hours. Yours?” he asked me.

“Same,” I replied.

“So you have time?” he asked again.

“Would anyone refuse TOP of Big Bang?” I smiled, and he laughed.

“K’opi hanjan mashilkka?” he rapped and gave me that irresistible smirk of his.

“Whatever you want,” I replied.

“Hmm… then I think I don’t want coffee anymore,” he winked.

I glared at him, pretending to be offended, and he just laughed as we walked towards a café.

“So… I didn’t think I’d bump into you here,” he said.

“I didn’t think you’d remember me,” I said.

“Do I look like such a person?” he asked me.

“Hmm… maybe,” I laughed. “I don’t expect you to remember a girl you necked with at a club.”

“We didn’t just neck,” he smiled. “We danced too.”

“Don’t remind me,” I grimaced. “I’m not much of a dancer.”

“Are you kidding me?” he exclaimed. “You could’ve wiped the floor clean with those moves.”

“What? By sliding across it, face flat?” I laughed.

“You’re really funny,” he laughed with me. “But honestly, you’re quite good,” he concluded, before sipping his drink.

“Thanks,” I acknowledged his compliment. “So where are you off to?” I asked him.

“Japan, with the boys,” he said.

“Where are they?”

“Why? You don’t want some TOP today?” he teased. “Looking for some G-D or something else?”

“Of course not,” I said coyly as I hid behind my cup. “I’m all for TOP.”

“You girls always say that, but when I turn around, I’ll see you’ve found some other guy to tease.”

“Hey!” I exclaimed. “I’m not like that.”

“Sure,” he smirked some more.

“Aren’t you afraid of being spotted?” I asked him as I looked around.

“It’s pretty safe inside here. I usually come to this spot because it’s the least crowded spot in the airport.”

“Nice…” I said, and put a forkful of cake in my mouth.

“Erm… you got something…” he said, gesturing to the side of his lips.

“Where?” I said, licking the side of my lips to no avail.

“Here,” he said, finally reaching forward and wiping off the cream for me with his thumb.

“Thanks,” I smiled and he smiled back as he took another sip of coffee.

Soon coffee and cakes were gone, and we’d run out of polite conversation. Less than an hour had passed since we’d sat down at the café.

“So…” he said, and cleared his throat. “We should get going…”

“Do you think I can leave my luggage with you for awhile?” I interrupted.


“I need to go somewhere for a bit, but I don’t wanna lug it about,” I said. “You’re not leaving yet, are you?”

“No,” he said, and started getting up. “Let’s leave it with the guys.”

He brought me to the VIP lounge where the rest of Big Bang were sprawled around, waiting for their flight.

“Look who I bumped into,” he announced as we walked in.

“Hey! I remember you!” Seung Ri exclaimed.

“Annyeong haseyo,” I bowed.

“Where are you heading to?” G-Dragon asked.

“Home,” I replied.

“Ah…” they all chorused.

“Sierra and I need to go somewhere for a bit,” TOP announced. “We’ll leave her bag here.”

“Sure,” G-Dragon answered, and wiggled his eyebrows at me.

I giggled, and TOP guided me out of the room with his hand on my shoulder.

“So where did you want to go?” he asked me.

“Wherever you wanna go,” I replied.

“Did you…” he choked out. “Was that…”

“Yes,” I smiled.

“You know…” he smiled, and it was the naughtiest smile I’ve seen by far. “It’s times like these when I’m reminded how adept women are at scheming.”

“Scheming?” I said innocently.

“Come on,” he laughed, and led me away from the door of the VIP lounge.

He led me a few doors away, and opened the door to a conference room.

“Will this suffice?” he asked, waving his hand in flourish.

“Well,” I said as I walked in, then turned around to face him, “sure beats the stairwell at the back of a club.”

He closed the door, and turned the lock. I moved backwards until my body was against the table.

“TOP-shii,” I said as he came to stand in front of me, and rested his hand at the base of my neck. “Mwohae?”

“Giving you what you want,” he smiled, and leaned down to kiss me.

I wrapped my hands around the lapels of his jacket and pulled him closer against me as his tongue slipped into my mouth. He braced one arm on the table behind me, and supported my back with the other as he gently lowered me until I lay on the table, his lips not leaving mine.

I was wearing a short skirt today. Not sure why I’d decided on this outfit today. I had on a bright yellow linen button shirt, and a short jacket, and paired them with my short denim skirt and leather sneakers. TOP wore the usual jeans and T-shirt ensemble, and topped them off with a black and gold jacket, and white high-tops.

He pulled away for a moment, unzipped his jacket, took off his cap, and tossed them onto the table. Then he ran his hands down my arms, to my wrist, then lifted my arms to lock them on either sides of my head. I lifted my head slightly, and kissed him lightly on the lips. He smiled, and leaned down to slowly nibble my neck. I gasped with pleasure as his lips made contact with the sensitive spot near my ear.

“TOP,” I breathed his name.

He didn’t answer. He pushed my jacket open, and he undid the first button of my shirt. I reached for his hand, and stopped him before he went to the next button. He looked up at me, and I shook my head slowly.

“Araso,” he said, softly, then leant back down to slowly kiss my face.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, and my legs around his waist as we continued kissing, and if he were paying me back for touching him that night, he started caressing my legs with his hands. I moaned softly as he slowly ran his hand up my thighs, stopping just before he had to put his hand under my skirt. This time, I was aching for him to continue, but he didn’t. I could only console myself with the feel of his toned body pressing on top of mine.

He rolled over and pulled me on top of him, so that my legs straddled his waist. I leaned down until my lower body was pressed against his, and returned his earlier favors. I kissed him gently, again and again, on the lips, but just as his hand reached up to pull me closer and deepen the kiss, I pulled away and turned my attention to his jaw line, his neck, and finally, his ears. He groaned when I ran a finger down the side of his neck, from his earlobe to his collarbone, then he decided he’d had enough, and rolled over to pin me underneath him again.

This time, there were no interruptions, no pausing; just silent, passionate kissing, gentle caresses and some occasional moans from either of us. The last time, it had been a hurried and brief encounter, but today, knowing we had time, we were indulging ourselves.

We continued kissing, and did nothing else, as if it were the only thing we needed to do now. We hardly stopped for air. We just kept our bodies pressed tightly against each others’; inhaling each others’ scent and trying to soak up every bit of warmth we could. At one moment, our shirts had ridden up so much from all the movement that our skin met briefly for a second. I could feel him shiver from the contact, and he reached down to pull my shirt back over my stomach, as if he couldn’t handle the meeting of our flesh against each others’.

Sometime later, we lay next to each other on the table, catching our breaths. He held my hand in his, and caressed it absently, as if we’d known each other for years.

“Is this really the last time?” I broke the silence, and giggled softly.

I felt drunk. Drunk on passion…

“I don’t know,” he smiled, as he turned to look at me. “The 3rd time would be a charm, and I might have to make you permanent.”

“You wish,” I laughed.

“Let’s just keep in touch,” he said as he lifted my hand to his lips and kissed it.

“Chintcha?” I said.

“You don’t believe me?” he asked.

“You wouldn’t have time anyway,” I said, and brought his hand to my cheek.

“I’ll find some time for you,” he said, and started to sit up.

He looked at his watch, reminded of the time since we were talking about it, and frowned.

“Is it time?” I asked him.

“Time flies when you’re having fun,” he smiled.

He jumped off the table and turned to me. I stretched out both my arms, and he pulled me up to sit on the table. I handed him his jacket and cap, and helped him put them on. He zipped up his jacket, adjusted his cap, then turned back to face me and reached forward to button up that single button he had unbuttoned earlier. He brushed aside a stray hair that had fallen across my face, then straightened up my jacket for me.

I slid off the table and tried to stand, but my legs felt like jelly, and I had to grab onto him for support.

“It’s nice to know I have that sort of effect on women,” he said.

“What effect?” I said, not wanting to give him the total satisfaction of knowing that he had turned me into a pile of goo.

“You know it,” he winked, and I snorted indignantly.

We started walking towards the door once I felt that I was able to move, and just as we were about to reach it, he pulled me into a hug.

“TOP?” I called his name. I can never get enough of calling his name.

“Seung Hyun,” he whispered into my ear. “When you write to me, call me Seung Hyun.”

“Ne… Seung Hyun,” I replied.

“Kaja,” he said, and released me.

He unlocked the door, and stole another kiss before he opened it and ushered me out.

“Is my hair okay?” I asked him as we walked towards the VIP lounge.

“It’s fine,” he replied. “I think I’ll date short-haired girls from now on,” he smiled.


“Low-maintenance,” he replied, and I giggled.

“We were beginning to wonder if you were coming back,” G-Dragon said as soon as we walked in.

“I’m back, aren’t I?” Seung Hyun replied.

“It’s almost boarding time,” Tae Yang reminded him as he grabbed my luggage for me.

“Yea,” he said. “I’ll just send her to her gate and I’ll be back.”

“You’d better,” G-Dragon said, sounding a lot like a nagging mother.

“Bye…” Seung Ri waved at me, moving his fingers instead of his whole hand.

“Bye…” I laughed and waved back.

“Where’s your gate?” he asked, as he closed the door.

“Shouldn’t you get back inside?” I said. “I can’t get to my gate on my own.”

“I’ll take you there,” he said.

“I’ll be fine,” I said, trying to take my bag out of his hands. “You shouldn’t draw attention to yourself.”

“There’s hardly anyone around,” he said, moving the bag out of my reach. “I’ll take you there,” he added, and started walking.

Now I knew why he’d been described as a stubborn person in his profile on those fan sites.

He walked me all the way until we were one gate away from the gate I was boarding at.

“I’ll leave you here,” he said.

“Araso,” I replied.

“Here,” he said, and stuffed a piece of paper in my hand.

I held it up. On it, he’d written his phone number and email address. So he wasn’t lying when he said he’d wanted to keep in touch.

“Call me whenever you’re in Seoul,” he said. “Email me whenever you have time.”

“I will,” I smiled.

“I trust you not to disclose my contact information.”

“I’ll take them to my grave,” I said, and put my hand over my heart.

“You can send me photos of you,” he grinned. “Sexy photos.”

“We’ll see about that,” I laughed.

“Okay. I’ll go now,” he said.

“Bye,” I said, and held out my hand, intending to shake his, which was a pretty awkward gesture after what we’d just done together.

He looked at my hand for a moment, hesitating. Then he took my hand.

“Chalga,” he said, squeezing it gently.

We slowly released each others’ hand, and at the last minute, I moved forward to give him a quick hug.

“Chalga,” I said, and quickly turned to walk away.

I was almost at the gate, when he called out to me.

“Yah,” he said, and I whirled around. “Don’t forget me.”

I smiled at him, and waved, then turned my attention to the officer who’s checking my boarding pass.

“I won’t,” I whispered as I walked into the departure lounge, watching him as he walked away.

I can hear the entire population of Big Bang fans screaming “Keojitmal!” at me. But whenever I log into my email account and find a quick note from Seung Hyun waiting for me… whenever my phone beeped and I’d find a random text message from Seung Hyun that made me laugh… I think to myself “Who cares?” I’m the one who’s been on TOP, again and again.


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lol i'd DIE to be Sierra in this fiction XDXD

시에라 (Sierra) said...

I'm glad you're happy... the girl in this story has no name... so feel free to put your name in... hehe! If I'd put my name... I'd be the object of hate of many...

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haha lol sierra 'object of hate.' oh yeah!! i never noticed that...haha me and my small attention spanned brain... -_- im not stupid though just to tell you...:D

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' wooh! this is great. i admire your perseverance in writing this story. :)